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Validation and metrics for reconstruction algorithmsΒΆ

hamming_distance(str1, str2) Calculate the Hamming distance between two strings
mean_diversity(amp1, amp2, overlap, sample_size) Estimate/Compute the mean overlap diversity.
shannon_entropy(prob_mass_map) Calculate the entropy of the given probability mass function.
jensen_shannon_divergence(real, predicted) Quasi-metric for computing relative entropy with a midpoint.
kullback_leibler_divergence(real, predicted) Relative entropy between the real frequencies and the predicted frequencies.
root_mean_square_deviation(real, predicted) Root mean square deviation.
sensitivity(real, predicted) Sensitivity = |True Positives| / (|True Positives| + |False Negatives|)
positive_predictive_value(real, predicted) PPV = |True Positives| / (|True Positives| + |False Positives|)