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Pavel Skums

Pavel Skums


Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science, 
Georgia State University
25 Park Place, office 742,

Atlanta, GA 30303

Curriculum Vitae


My research areas are computational biology, bioinformatics, and graph theory. In biology, my research focuses on studying epidemiology and the evolution of highly mutable RNA viruses, such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Using analysis of molecular data and mathematical modelling, I am trying to understand how viruses escape the immune system, acquire drug resistance, and spread through a population of susceptible individuals. This involves the development of novel algorithms for processing biomedical big data. I am especially interested in studying the roles of complex networks in viral evolution, including epidemiological networks, genetic networks, and cross-immunoreactivity networks. I am also doing research in graph theory and discrete mathematics, where my favorite research topics are graph decompositions and representations of graphs as derived objects of other discrete systems, which make it possible to build bridges between various scientific disciplines, such as computer science, evolutionary biology, epidemiology, combinatorics, topology, and algebra.


Research Opportunities

PhD student positions and undergraduate research projects in the areas of computational biology, bioinformatics and graph theory are available to exceptional candidates. Requirements: strong background in algorithms or mathematical modeling, discrete mathematics and statistics, and solid programming skills. Please send me your CV or schedule an appointment if interested.